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From Ride-Sharing to Food Delivery | Raghav Gupta, Head of Product, Uber | Product Unfiltered, Ep-03

In this episode of Product Unfiltered, we sit down with Raghav Gupta, Head of Product at Uber to discuss his experience leading products in the online food delivery industry.

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Product Unfiltered: A Discussion with Raghav Gupta, Head of Product at Uber

From his unique perspective, we gain valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities of product management in a traditional transportation business like Uber. Here are some of the key takeaways from our conversation:

  • Product management in a transportation business like Uber presents unique challenges. Raghav shares his experience and insights into how product management approaches differ from those in other industries.

  • Raghav plans to continue growing his skill set by returning to entrepreneurship, which highlights the importance of continuous learning and development in product management.

  • Uber invests in different industries by considering both the macroeconomic environment and internal factors of a product. The company seeks to have a "disproportionate advantage" in a market and invests in sectors where it has a comparative advantage.

  • Raghav discusses the trends in the food delivery industry, including the growing popularity of same-day delivery. He notes that Uber has innovated to match these trends but still faces challenges such as high capital requirements for testing new business models.

  • Companies must balance the demands of different stakeholders to build products that are scalable and efficient. Uber, with its marketplace model, is a prime example of a company that has been successful in balancing demand and supply.

  • Metrics play a crucial role in product management, and Raghav discusses how to measure the accuracy of a product's models, the impact of product features on user business metrics, and guard rail metrics.

  • Clarity is critical in product management, and aspiring product managers should have a clear understanding of what to do and why. They should also be able to quickly bring clarity around what is happening and why.



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