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Exploring the Future of Product Management in the AR/VR Space | Patrice Hall, Director of PM, Dopple

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

In the latest episode of Product Unfiltered, Patrice Hall, Director of Product at Dopple, shared her invaluable insights on navigating a career in product management, particularly in the emerging field of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

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Product Unfiltered: A Discussion with Patrice Hall, Director of Product at Dopple

Welcome to another insightful episode of Product Unfiltered! In this exciting instalment, we had the pleasure of hosting Patrice Hall who shared her experience and expertise in the AR/VR space with a deeper understanding of the challenges, strategies, and opportunities involved in developing cutting-edge products.

1. Unleashing the Power of VR and 3D Technology in E-commerce:

  • VR and 3D technology are transforming the e-commerce landscape, offering customers a more engaging and personalized shopping experience.

  • Companies, both large and small, are utilizing these technologies to differentiate themselves and provide highly visual and interactive product experiences.

  • Patrice emphasizes the importance of primary research and gathering user feedback to understand customer needs and optimize product-market fit.

2. Overcoming Challenges in 3D and AR Product Development:

  • Patrice discusses the unique challenges faced when developing products in the 3D and AR space.

  • Leveraging paper prototypes and proof of concepts internally and externally helps refine product ideas.

  • Obtaining user feedback for AR/VR products can be challenging, but utilizing analytics and providing product intelligence enhances the feedback loop.

  • Primary research and observing end-users play a crucial role in refining AR/VR experiences.

3. Educating Customers on the Potential of AR/VR:

  • Patrice highlights the importance of educating customers unfamiliar with AR/VR technology.

  • Doppel employs a tiered education system for both buyers and clients, focusing on delivering proven user experiences that engage and impress.

  • Finding clients who align with their product and identifying the right product-market fit remain ongoing challenges.

4. Driving Success and Measuring Impact in AR/VR:

  • The impact of AR/VR in e-commerce is significant, with studies showing potential conversion rate increases of up to 90% when utilizing 3D or AR experiences.

  • Patrice emphasizes the importance of focusing on the customer experience and lifetime value.

  • Leading metrics such as user engagement provide insights, while reducing friction and delivering a return on investment for clients signify success.

5. Transitioning into the AR/VR Space and Resources:

  • Patrice shares her personal journey transitioning into a role in 3D and AR technology, highlighting the importance of understanding the underlying technology and being able to communicate effectively with development and design teams.

  • Formal education can be beneficial but not always necessary, as learning on the job is possible. However, having prior knowledge of the technology and language is advantageous.

  • Recommended resources include the book "Thinking in Bets" for decision making and risk-taking, and podcasts like the Hard Fork and Lex Friedman for staying updated on product management trends.

As we conclude this captivating episode, we hope you've gained valuable insights into the dynamic field of AR/VR product management. Patrice Hall's expertise and experiences shed light on the challenges and opportunities in developing products that push the boundaries of customer engagement. Stay tuned for future episodes, where we'll continue exploring the exciting realms of AR, VR, and tech.




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