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Entrepreneurship, Cloud Revolution, and Effective Communication | Sudha Iyer, Product at Commvault

Welcome back to the Product Unfiltered podcast series! In this riveting episode, we are excited to introduce our distinguished guest, Sudha Iyer, Principal Product Manager at Commvault who has carved a remarkable path in the world of product management.

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Product Unfiltered: A Discussion with Sudha Iyer, Principal Product Manager at Commvault

As the Principal Product Manager at Commvault, a leader in enterprise data protection and information management, Sudha brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Her journey from entrepreneurship to product management and her insights into the evolving landscape of technology make for an engaging conversation that is sure to inspire and educate.

Challenges of Concise Communication and Transition to Product Management Sudha kicks off the conversation by delving into the challenges of presenting complex information succinctly, a skill she honed as a product manager. Her journey to product management is a fascinating one, starting with running her own chai business. The transition was spurred by a desire to continue her entrepreneurial spirit within a larger organizational context, ultimately leading her to Commvault.

Embracing the Cloud Revolution Sudha's journey takes an interesting turn as she shares her experiences in the cloud data management space. From storage solutions to data management in the cloud, she elucidates the industry's shift towards cloud computing. Despite initial skepticism around security and privacy, Sudha highlights how companies embraced the cloud's cost-effectiveness and scalability.

Entrepreneurship and Market Research With an entrepreneur's flair, Sudha emphasizes the importance of having a market for your ideas. She narrates her entrepreneurial journey that led her to start her own chai company. Her insights on bias, data, and customer feedback provide a unique blend of entrepreneurial wisdom and corporate sensibility.

The Essence of Product-Market Fit Sudha underscores the significance of product-market fit and the necessity of validating ideas before diving in. Drawing a distinction between engineering and product management, she navigates through the responsibilities and communication nuances of a product manager.

Navigating Risks, Decisions, and Communication As risk-taking and decision-making are integral parts of a product manager's role, Sudha provides valuable insights. She shares her strategies for managing stakeholders, engineers, and tough decisions, emphasizing the need to develop a thick skin and make well-informed choices.

Crafting Successful Product Presentations Sudha unravels her process of building compelling product presentations that garner support. Her experiences in securing management approval, collaborating with engineering teams, and iterating based on user feedback provide a roadmap for creating impactful product pitches.

Building Markets Around Products Intricately weaving the concept of building a market around a product, Sudha emphasizes continuous engagement with customers and cross-functional teams. Her advice for aspiring product managers includes seeking roles in companies that prioritize product management-driven strategies and fostering a breadth of experiences.

A Journey of Exploration and Growth Sudha culminates the conversation by advocating for diverse experiences and collaborations with different individuals. Her insights reflect a commitment to continuous learning and growth that resonates throughout her journey.

Conclusion The Sudha Iyer podcast episode offers a treasure trove of insights for both aspiring and seasoned product managers. Sudha's journey from entrepreneurship to product management, her perspectives on the cloud revolution, and her strategies for effective communication and decision-making provide a holistic view of the product management landscape. We extend our gratitude to Sudha for sharing her invaluable insights, and we're excited to continue learning from thought leaders like her.

Stay tuned for more enriching discussions on the Product Unfiltered podcast!


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