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Driving Innovation in Visual Collaboration | Ruturaj Eksambekar, Senior PM at Lucid Software

In the latest episode of Product Unfiltered, Ruturaj Eksambekar, Senior Product Manager at Lucid Software, shares insights into product management and factors driving success in the visual collaboration space.

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Product Unfiltered: A Discussion with Ruturaj Eksambekar, Senior PM at Lucid Software

Welcome to another insightful episode of Product Unfiltered! We had the pleasure of hosting Ruturaj Eksambekar, a Senior Product Manager at Lucid Software. During the session, Ruturaj delved into Lucid Software's vision, the competitive landscape of the visual collaboration industry, and shared invaluable insights into product management. Let's dive into the key takeaways from this engaging discussion.

1. Lucid Software's Vision and Industry Overview:

  • Lucid Software aims to revolutionize visual collaboration in the world of building software, specifically targeting knowledge workers.

  • Their suite of products, including Lucidchart, Lucidspark, and Lucidscale, empowers teams to collaborate effectively and seamlessly.

  • Ruturaj highlighted the importance of visual collaboration in a changing work environment and its potential to align goals and expedite workflows.

2. Differentiation and Competitive Landscape:

  • Ruturaj discussed the competitive landscape in the visual collaboration tools market and how Lucid Software differentiates itself.

  • Lucid's deep understanding of user needs and their suite of specialized products set them apart from competitors like Miro, Figma, and Big Jam.

3. The Concept of a Universal Canvas:

  • Ruturaj shared insights into Lucid Software's concept of a universal canvas, enabling users to switch seamlessly between different products within the Lucid Suite.

  • The goal is to create an intuitive user experience integrated into their workflow, enhancing efficiency and value.

4. Value and Impact of Lucid Software's Products:

  • Ruturaj emphasized the value of Lucid Software's products, such as Lucid Spark and Lucidchart, in providing automatic visualization, ready layouts, and integration capabilities.

  • These products offer solutions that fit into users' daily lives and workflows, contributing to improved outcomes and user engagement.

5. Ruturaj's Journey and Product Management Insights:

  • Ruturaj shared their background in computer science and human-computer interaction (HCI) and their transition to becoming a product manager.

  • They highlighted the foundational skills and mindset shifts necessary for success in product management, including understanding user requirements, balancing business needs, and fostering leadership skills.

6. Balancing Business and User Needs:

  • Ruturaj emphasized the importance of understanding user requirements and finding the right solutions that balance business goals and user needs.

  • They stressed the significance of design thinking, user research, and involving customers throughout the product development lifecycle to achieve successful outcomes.

7. Leadership and People Management:

  • Ruturaj discussed the importance of leadership in product management, even without direct people management responsibilities.

  • They emphasized the role of a product manager in creating a positive and open culture, empowering the team, and prioritizing their growth and development.

The Product Unfiltered session with Ruturaj shed light on the vision of Lucid Software, the competitive landscape of the visual collaboration industry, and provided valuable insights into product management. Ruturaj's journey and their emphasis on understanding user needs, balancing business goals, and fostering leadership skills offered invaluable guidance for aspiring product managers. Stay tuned for more thought-provoking episodes of Product Unfiltered as we continue to bring you insights from industry experts.




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