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Driving Innovation in Fintech: Insights from Rakesh Singh, VP of Product Management at JP Morgan Chase

In our latest episode of Product Unfiltered, we had the privilege of hosting Rakesh Singh, the Vice President of Product Management at JP Morgan Chase.

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Product Unfiltered: A Discussion with Rakesh Singh, the Vice President of Product Management at JP Morgan Chase.

Rakesh shared invaluable insights into his journey from starting as a business consultant to ascending to the role of VP of Product Management. Here are some key takeaways from the session:

  • Career Transition: Rakesh discussed his transition from business consulting to product management, highlighting the transferable skills he gained along the way. He emphasized the importance of creating roadmaps, prioritizing, and developing OKRs, skills that were crucial in his journey into product management.

  • Importance of Domain Expertise: Rakesh stressed the significance of having both business and technical knowledge for success in product management roles, especially in fintech. He shared his experience pursuing a master's degree in Information Systems to gain technical expertise and recommended having prior experience before entering the field.

  • Challenges and Opportunities in Fintech: Rakesh shed light on the challenges traditional financial institutions face in adapting to the faster-paced fintech industry. He discussed the importance of awareness and ownership in product management, emphasizing the need for product managers to be proactive and adaptable.

  • Insights for Aspiring Product Managers: Rakesh provided valuable insights for aspiring product managers, including the importance of developing a framework to respond to interview questions and the value of sharing insights from product leaders to debunk myths about the role.

Stay tuned for the full episode release to gain more insights into the world of product management from Rakesh Singh's wealth of experience!


Product Unfiltered is a platform dedicated to fostering insightful conversations with industry experts, thought leaders, and innovators in the realm of product management. Our podcast aims to provide a space for sharing diverse perspectives, best practices, and emerging trends that shape the ever-evolving field of product management. Join us as we delve into the minds of those driving innovation and creating impactful products across industries.



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