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Breaking down the fintech product landscape ft. Devang Gaur, Product Manager Paypal.

In today's world, fintech is rapidly evolving and has become an essential aspect of the finance industry. Devang Gaur, a product manager at PayPal, is a seasoned professional in the fintech space. In this article, we break down the fintech product landscape, as discussed by Devang.

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Typical Day of a Fintech Product Manager

Devang discusses the typical day of a product manager in the fintech space. He sheds light on his experience working with a variety of stakeholders in a complex transaction flow. As a product manager, Devang is responsible for understanding customer behavior, evaluating market trends, and assessing how products are performing in the market.

Understanding the Fintech Product Landscape

Devang describes the differences between working within Braintree and working on the infrastructure itself. He discusses the challenges of understanding the technical aspects of the products and how his experience at Braintree has helped him understand the system better. He predicts that while disruption will occur, the existing systems will remain in place.

Product Landscape for Fintech

Devang discusses the product landscape for fintech, discussing how different products and solutions come into existence and how product managers need to understand the user and their behavior in order to continue refining and growing their products. This involves a deep understanding of the market trends, competition, customer feedback, and technology.

Fintech Ecosystems: India vs United States

Devang discusses the key differences between the fintech ecosystems of India and the United States, and discusses the impact of UPI and demonetization on the Indian market. He mentions that the need for instant payments has accelerated in the US in 2018 as a result of changes in consumer behavior.

The Future of the Fintech Product Landscape

Devang discusses the future of the fintech product landscape and how globalizing UPI could help make Indian rupees a global currency. He feels that the idea of globalizing UPI is not to make INR or Indian rupee the primary currency, but to integrate a lot of what are called "disassembled units" into the infrastructure. This would allow for easier cross-border payments, which he believes will be disruptive in terms of how easy it will be for companies to get onboarded and how much volume they will be able to handle.

Resources and Advice for Aspiring Fintech Product Managers

Devang recommends resources such as developer documentation, industry reports, and blogs to understand the fintech product landscape. He provides advice for aspiring product managers, emphasizing being curious and taking ownership of your skills. He also recommends reading books on product management, such as "Contagious" and "The Product Manager's Bible."

Fintech is an exciting and dynamic industry that is constantly evolving. Understanding the fintech product landscape requires a deep understanding of market trends, customer behavior, and technology. Devang Gaur, with his extensive experience in the fintech space, provides valuable insights for aspiring fintech product manager.



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