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Balancing Innovation and Stakeholder Expectations: Lessons from Prerit Uppal, Principal PM at Adobe.

In this episode of Product Unfiltered, we sit down with Prerit Uppal, Principal Product Manager at Adobe to discuss his experience leading products in one of the best product companies across the globe.

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Summary: Product Unfiltered: A Discussion with Prerit Uppal, Principal Product Manager at Adobe.

In the latest episode of Product Unfiltered, we had the privilege of inviting Prerit Uppal, a Principal Product Manager at Adobe, to discuss various aspects of product management. He shared his insights on the misconceptions that people have about product management and the importance of communication, data orientation, and humility in product management.

One of the misconceptions that people have about product management is that it is just about finding the user needs and building a product. However, product management is much more than that. It involves effective communication with all stakeholders, being data-oriented, and being humble. Prerit emphasized the importance of being crisp, clear, and to the point in your communication as a product manager.

In addition to communication skills, Prerit also stressed the importance of technical skills in product management. He highlighted the criticality of having the technical skills to extract data and analyze it. Prerit also mentioned that there are many online resources available for product managers to learn technical skills.

Prerit also discussed the challenges that product managers face in managing the expectations of stakeholders. He emphasized that managing expectations is extremely hard and that product managers should focus on building a good enough product even if they cannot build everything right in one go.

During the podcast, Prerit also shared insights regarding payment systems: should payment systems prioritize ease of use and convenience, even if it means sacrificing the security of the product? Prerit firmly believes that

"Security is a human need and it cannot be compromised for the sake of convenience".

Another topic that was discussed was the responsibility of product managers in fostering a culture of innovation. Prerit believes that

"Innovation is not the responsibility of one person but should come from everywhere. Product managers can play a role in fostering innovation, but it should not be their sole responsibility."

The podcast with Prerit Uppal provided valuable insights for aspiring and practicing product managers. It emphasized the importance of effective communication, technical skills, managing expectations, and fostering a culture of innovation. It also provided a valuable perspective on controversial questions related to product management.




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